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Drum Therapy with Ky Washington LAADC, ICADC, CADC II, SAP
The Healing Drum/The Power of Music Medicine

The drum or percussive instruments has existed in every culture for thousands of years. Within those cultures, the drum was used for many things including motivation, healing, spirituality, communication, fun and enjoyment.

Ky Washington has performed and toured in Africa, the Caribbean, and Cuba. Ky has worked in the field of Dual Diagnosis and Chemical Dependency since 1975. To add to his credits he has used his drum therapy at Charter Hospital and Bayview Hospital, and has created therapeutic drum circles in Southern California and the Mid West.

Music is one of the oldest forms of spiritual medicine known to humanity. Music—when approached through the lens of empowerment, simplicity, creativity, and calm—can provide the support we need in life’s challenging moments and can become part of our daily routine for spirituality and health.

This treasure has been with us since the beginning of time. No war can destroy it. No religion can claim it. Healers have carried its tune to wounded souls. It reunites you with your own natural rhythm and  helps you find your zone. Drum/music therapy creates cohesiveness, socialization, brings down that cloak, that mask and is able to bring out the inner child. What I called the natural heartbeat which is felt at 5 weeks gestation.

Research has shown music can stimulate damaged areas of the brain that are otherwise unreachable. Psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body medicine show that rhythm can enhance the immune system on a cellular level.

Therapeutic Value

       Drumming Circles will provide bonding with staff and peers (staff involvement encouraged).
       Promotes Stimulation, Meditation by simple repetitious application of hand patterns and percussive instruments.
       Promotes / Creates Cohesiveness, Socialization, and Communication through Group Dynamics.
       Releases anger through healthy alternatives and explores other healthy distractions from alcohol and other drugs.

What's Needed

       Large room area or day room.
       Chairs in a circle; small table.
       Drums and percussive instruments will be supplied.

Professional References

Robert Moore, PhD, Chicago, IL
Douglas Gillette, PhD, Evanston, IL
Ya Ya Jallo of Guinea, West Africa
Gassim Sillah of Guinea, West Africa
Jesus Abril of Cuba
Mamady Kieta of Mali
Nate Lowe, PhD, San Diego, CA
Jody King, D.O.N., Bayview Hospital, Chula Vista, CA
Dr. R. Wachsman, Bayview Hospital, Chula Vista, CA

Book References

$      The Drummer=s Path, by Sule Greg Wilson
$      King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, by Dr. Robert Moore & Dr. Douglas Gillette
$      Planet Drum, by Mickey Hart & Frederic Lieberman
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